Cherished Book


Cherished: Shattered Innocence. Restored Hope.

As a young college student, Polly Wright found herself taking off her clothes for men and money. But like 95% of women in the sex industry, she didn’t find herself there by accident. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

Cherished is the story of a young girl, raped in a bathtub at the tender age of seven. It’s the story of a teenager, walking into an abortion clinic. It’s the story of a young wife and mother, masking her pain in a bottle.

But more than that, it’s the story of how a very real enemy waged a very real war against this incredible woman from the time she was very small. It’s the story of how the lies he spoke to her became her truths, leading her into the darkest of places and the most difficult of times.

And it’s the story of a woman and her Savior. It’s the story of how He rescues and saves, pulling us out of the pit in which we all find ourselves. It’s a story of healing and wholeness, truth and discovery. It’s a story of God’s voice. It’s the story of a woman, becoming all that she was created to be.


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